Presenting our new logo – Road2Peru

  • Presenting our new logo – Road2Peru


    We are proud to announce our new company logo as part of our improvement and evolution. Big changes are coming!. We understand that our new face needs to reflect our values, perspectives, and mission to deliver an excellent service in a country that we are always falling in love with.

    In 2013, we founded Road2Peru fostered by the desired to show and help you to explore this enigmatic country. With the experience that characterizes us, we knew that many travelers express their ideas about the destination as the most important subject during traveling however, we wanted to show that not only the destination creates good experiences but also the road.

    This logo represents part of the Andes, a representative fauna from Peru and if you wonder about the spiral, we wanted to represent to concept of time from a different perspective. For the Andean man, according to some scholars, time is not linear, but cyclical. A circle that never ends but suffers transformations commonly called pachacuti. As we see now, we are an example of one; with this pachacuti, we are also in the process of updating our website, and as stated above, big changes are coming!

    We will keep you posted for sure!

    The Road2Peru team.

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